Saturday, November 8, 2008

Central Coast

Hey people
Well we went on a whale watching cruise today and it was incredible. We went right out of the coast and saw millions of humpback whales. We got picked up from palm beach at 8:30am and we were sooo excited!!! We went out for around 30mins and that was when we saw our first whale!! It was so gorgeous and he was really big, we then realised there was around 5 more with them and they were all breaching. Breaching is when a whale does pretty much flips and acrobatics out of the water, they are very talented. then we were allowed to go in the net of the side of the boat!! The water was pretty warm and the wales were only about 30m away from us. Humpback whales are meant to be very friendly and they sure showed that. Oh, they also know how to show off!!! We then kept going and we saw some more whales and we also saw some dolphins. We had a nice lunch and the cruise people provided it for us. The boat cruise went for around 4hrs and we enjoyed every moment of it!! We got back onto palm beach at around 12:30pm. We walked along the beach for a while and had a quick swim. We then went through the town and had an ice-cream. We then lunged around on the beach for the rest of the arvo and then watched the sun set on the Long Jetty. We then came back to the hotel and packed to go home tomorrow :(. We had a great holiday and we really look forward to seeing Chandler, Joey, Rach and Ross and we want our coffee!!!
Cya later,
Mon xo

Murray Darling River!!!

hey people
Well we are in Australia again and we went for a boat ride today down the Murray Darling River. It was incredible and really ruff in some bits but still really fun!! We went passed loads of massive fish and it is a really popular fishing spot. We went on the boat for around 2hrs enjoying the scenery and animals the whole way. The man taking us down the river was called Jack and he gave us some awesome facts about the river such as; the river is the 16th longest river in the world and runs for 2 310 miles and then leads into the ocean. Many animals are found in and around the river such as koalas, Western Grey Kangaroos, emus, Lizards (bearded Dragons), parrots, swans, pelicans and even dolphins but they are closer to the ocean. Then there is a plentiful supply of fish. There is a plant along the banks of the river known as the Willow which helps the banks and stops erosion. But the downside of the willow is it chokes the growth of other plants, Phoebe called it a murderer! The River hasn't been changed for over millions of years!!! Once we had been going for the 2hrs we stopped on a bank and explored while eating lunch. jack showed us the Willow and the roots were entangled in everything, like the bank, plants and pretty much everything. We also saw parrots all through the trees and they were beautiful! We then hopped back in the boat and headed back along the river. On the way back this time we saw some kangaroos on the bank that were huge!!! One had a joey and we got a photo of it, sooo cute!!! And we also saw some black swans that were so graceful, they looked like they had silk feathers! We then got back to the wharf where we caught the boat from and headed back to the hotel. It was around 4pm when we got back and we went out and did some shopping, had dinner and went back to the hotel to pack our stuff for heading to the Central Coast tomorrow. Cya then,
Mon xo

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Zealand

Hey people,
Well we went to Mount Cook today and it is the highest Mountain in New Zealand. The mountain reaches 3,754m high!!!We were very scared about how high it was because we weren't the best climbers in the world!!! The tour guide told us not to worry though. We hiked for around 40mins and even by then we were tired. We had climbed over rocks and round curves, getting higher by the minute but never looking like nearing the top too soon. We decided to sit and have lunch at around 12pm and in that we got a partial bit of energy back. We climbed for around another 30 mins and the views were amazing by then. We could see nearly all over the side of the New Zealand we were on and we were happy to sit there and gaze for a while. We started to move down and we saw a lot more birds on the way down than we did going up. We had to curve all the way down and Phoebe nearly slipped and fell down the mountain at one stage!!! When we were safely on the ground again we had to walk all the way around the bottom of the mountain to get back to our car which took nearly an hour!!! We found out that we only climbed around 350m so not near the top at all, but hay, for non-climbers we did well!!!It was around 3pm when we neared the cars and then we were back at the hotel in no time. We sat down and discussed our day for a while and came to a conclusion that climbing was definately not our thing but it was worth it for the views!!! We have to go to dinner now so I will see you all tomorrow back in Australia because we are going to the Murray darling river on a boat ride, fun!!! Oh we took some pictures from far away from Mount Cook because The tour guide said not to take them up incase we dropped them.
Cya tomorrow, Mon xo


hey people
we ware not at New Zealand today that is tomorrow, me and my mistakes!!! Anyway we are in Serengeti now and that is also in Kenya. It is a grassland and they say the lowest degrees it has been in the recent couple of months had been around 53 degrees!!! oh man. We woke up late this morning so we had no time for breaky and had to run straight out to the car that was taking us top Serengeti. It was 55 degrees today and the amount of animals we saw was incredible!!! We saw giraffes with zebras and the zebras were absolutely incredible. We saw Hyenas, birds, snakes and also 2 baby cheetah cubs and their mother which were so cute. We also saw a female elephant that was pregnant and the tour guide told us that elephants are usually pregnant for around 2 years!!! Pheob's and I couldn't get over how dry it was here and how incredible it was that the animals could survive in such hazardous conditions, it only rained about 4 inches every month!!! The tour lasted around 4hrs but we headed home then because we needed to pack and board the plane for heading to New Zealand to do some mountain hiking!!! Will talk to you all tomorrow, cya then,
Mon xo

Thursday, November 6, 2008


We caught our plane at 5am!!! We arrived in Kenya at around 6:30am and relaxed for most of the day until 1pm when we caught our plane to the savanna. We got off our plane at around 2pm and it was boiling!!! It was just over 45 degrees. The guy driving the plane bought ice-creams so we had one but it melted like straight away. We had a safari ride at 3pm so we were very happy to get in the bus when it came!!! We drove for around 20-30mins before we saw a male leopard, it was hunting some wildebeest and then caught a calf. It was horrible to watch and we were happy when we moved on. A few minutes later we saw some Giraffes, they were massive!!! They could run really fast when they wanted top and they were interesting to watch. A while later we saw some rhino's and also a baby with it, it was gorgeous. The tour guide said it was really rare to see rhinos around at this time and so were very lucky to see them. We started to head home and when we were just coming to the end of the Savanna we saw a massive lion lying under a tree, he was sooooo big!!! Phoebe was mean and said he was nearly as big as me!!! I said It as nearly as big as her head and then she got annoyed at me!!! We got home after around 6pm and we were really tired. We really enjoyed the safari ride and the interesting facts that w the tour guide told us about. Guess what, there are over 40 tribes in the Savanna and they all have their individual languages and cultures. One tenth of the land has been dedicated to national parks and specifically for Safari's. The main animals of the savanna are known as the big 5, they include, elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo's and rhinos. There are 17 species of different mammals alone. Anyway I guess we will go to bed now. We are so sad to be leaving tomorrow so we will talk to you in New Zealand!!
Cya later, Mon xo


Sorry people but I got confused, there is no emus in the Sahara Desert there are Ostriches, sorry!!!
Mon xo